With more than 35 years of involvement in all phases of the construction process and project values well in excess of a billion dollars, Michael Morris has the depth of resources to tailor a team to your project requirements.

Whether your project is a million plus square foot office complex, a thirty acre Life Style Center or a boutique pharmacy, MTM&A will assemble an integrated, goal oriented and experienced team of Architects, Designers, Engineers, Legal, Construction and Estimating personnel dedicated to the success of your project.

MTM&A offers a comprehensive list of services for a select group of clients.


During pre-construction your MTM&A team will develop, with the Owner, a program that identifies the Project’s parameters, including schedule, budget, design criteria, quality, function and long term objectives. This process establishes a clear path for the decision making process to follow, the entitlement requirements and the preparation of realistic schedules and budgets.

Project management

Project Management encompasses all aspects of the project, from entitlements, through design and construction. By providing strong leadership and many decades of experience, MTM&A is the single source of accountability for the project. We are the Owner’s representative, period. All communication between the Owner and consultants, contractors or any other entity, such as city planners or landlords is channeled through MTM&A, providing a rapid and efficient flow of information coupled with experienced and efficient decision making. As the Owner’s representative, MTM&A will coordinate and direct the entitlements, design and construction process thus mitigating risk, expediting schedules and reducing costs.

Design and value engineering

The first step in controlling a project’s budget and schedule is the vigilant management of the design team to ensure adherence to the Owner’s program. At each significant juncture in the design process a carefully managed, full team critical review of the design documents for on budget constructability and conformity to the program documents reduces delays, change orders and risk during construction. This process solves a problem before it becomes a problem, assures that the design stays consistent with the Owner’s vision and the project will function as intended In addition, value engineering becomes an integral aspect of the team’s review process, thus moving this critical tool from the end of the design process, where any significant value engineering proposal will require costly and time consuming re-designing, to an ongoing, controlled process to achieve the maximum project, uncover hidden costs, and maintain the established budget.

Construction management and accounting

Construction management starts at controlling the contract bid parameters and continues through contract negotiation and construction. At MTM&A we have an intrinsic knowledge of the construction process. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive during construction. This translates into a reduction of risk, a reduction of change orders and a reduction of construction delays. Established project controls and reporting procedures provide the owner with timely schedule updates and project accounting that identifies what has been spent to date, what is committed and what potential risks may lay ahead. Knowledge is power; our procedures give the Owner the power to make intelligent decisions.


Holding California State Contractor’s license number B 325-448 for more than 30 years, MTM&A, for a very select clientele, will construct your project. We have constructed projects in almost every field, ranging from entertain related projects, such as motion based seating to medical dental and hospital, to the food service industry to mixed use projects to retail. We have, in addition, constructed projects in California, Illinois, New York, Michigan, and Texas, as well as, many other states. Please discuss this option with us.